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What to do in Riva del Garda with children What to do in Riva del Garda with children

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What to do in Riva del Garda with children

You will discover beaches, playgrounds, sports and events like Fairy Tale Night and Santa Claus House.

What to do in Riva del Garda with children

Visit Riva del Garda with children! You will discover beaches, playgrounds, sports and events like Fairy Tale Night and Santa Claus House. Come to our family hotel!

Are you ready to discover Riva del Garda with your children? Read this post till the end if you have chosen this corner of Trentino for a fun-filled holiday for the whole family – we’ve got lots of tips for you!

Riva del Garda is located in the northern part of Lake Garda, surrounded by mountains, in a strategic position to reach several attractions for children. Let’s discover Riva del Garda – a quick stop in the centre, and then to the playground!

Riva del Garda is a charming town, overlooking the northern shore of Lake Garda. You will love getting lost in the compact historic centre overlooking the lake, walking among its unique colourful houses.You just need to look up to be enchanted by the towering mountains that surround Riva. For the little ones, who love to run, play and have fun in total freedom, the first stop is the Playground in the Porta Orientale Gardens, in Viale Liberazione, Riva del Garda. A playground built especially for children, with a fence around it and the floor covered with a special soft shockproof mat. Your children will love playing with slides, swings, bouncy horses and climbing nets.

Reptiland, the "museum" of snakes

The bravest children and reptile lovers will enjoy visiting Reptiland, a Gallery of Natural Sciences and Herpetological Center in Riva del Garda. There you can admire reptiles of different species from all over the world, such as cobras, mamba, rattlesnakes and pythons, but also spiders, scorpions and butterflies.

Enjoy nature at the Varone waterfalls

Just 3 km away from Riva del Garda you’ll find an unforgettable trail surrounded by nature, also suitable for children – the Varone waterfalls park. The star attraction is a 100 meter-high waterfall that can be admired from two observation points, the Lower Cave and the Upper Cave. The walk begins in a park full of flowers and plants, and ends in a spacious area where you can have a picnic or snack before returning to Riva del Garda.

Fun on the beach with your kids in Riva del Garda

The lakeside of Riva del Garda, thanks to its large spaces, is one of best for families with children. You’ll find numerous grassy beaches with shaded areas, perfect to play away from the sun, or to take a nap. Sabbioni Beach is the most "family friendly", equipped with playground, trampolines, volleyball and basketball courts, bars, showers and toilets. Those with children up to 2 years old will find the Baby Little Home there, with a nursing corner and a changing table, as well as a small corner on a sandy beach where the little ones can splash around. For everyone’s safety, don’t forget that lifesavers are operating in summer.

Family sports: sailing, biking, hiking and other exciting adventures

With its mountain peaks that plunge into the water, the northern part of the lake is a true "Outdoor Arena". There are hundreds of paths climbing the mountains, winds blowing steadily ready to inflate the sails, gorges and via ferratas to explore in exciting adventures. Are you wondering if you can experience all this with children? Of course you can! There are easy hiking paths, such as the climb to Arco Castle, the Bastione di Riva del Garda or the scenic Busatte-Tempesta route. And then there are flat lakeside cycle paths, climbing walls specially equipped for children and the possibility to attend sailing courses or experience canyoneering with your family and experienced Alpine Guides. This is a true 100% outdoor holiday!

Events for children: Fairy Tale Night and Santa Claus House in Riva del Garda

Both in summer and in winter, Riva del Garda offers two unforgettable events for adults and children:

The first, Notte di Fiaba (Fairy Tale Night), takes place on the last weekend of August - the whole of Riva del Garda is transformed to recreate the atmosphere of a real fairy tale. The 2020 program hasn’t yet been revealed, but rumour has it that Puss in Boots will probably be around! There will be many shows, workshops, concerts and activities to participate in during these 4 days of celebration. A weekend not to be missed, to make you and your children live 4 fairytale days with a magnificent firework show as a grand finale!

The second, Santa Claus House, takes place in December - Riva del Garda opens its doors to welcome children curious to find out what Santa Claus is up to in his home. There are workshops and activities for little ones, who can have fun with paper, pen, glue and scissors to prepare the most beautiful letters.

"Relax for adults and fun for children" ... not just entertainment at Astoria Resort!

Now you just have to book your holiday, right? Every year, Astoria Resort hosts hundreds of happy families who choose our location not only for the service and our magnificent park, but above all because here holidays are for everyone! Our little guests can have fun at the Miniclub, participate in exciting treasure hunts, enjoy children’s menus designed especially for them and even toast on fairytale cocktails at the bar! Large family rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, events and child-friendly amenities complete the services dedicated to families.Take a look at the experiences we have designed for you in the Special Offers section.We will be happy to welcome you, to make your family holiday in Riva del Garda unforgettable!

Photo Credits: Garda Trentino S.p.a.