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The best Northern Lake Garda beaches The best Northern Lake Garda beaches

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The best Northern Lake Garda beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Alto Garda, the northern shore of Lake Garda

The best Northern Lake Garda beaches

There are many ways to experience Lake Garda: jumping into its waters, zipping on its waters on a windsurf, or simply admiring it lying in the sun on one of its many beaches. Here we’ll introduce you to the most beautiful beaches in Alto Garda, the northern shore of Lake Garda. 

The best Northern Lake Garda beaches 

A holiday on Lake Garda has a lot to offer: villages to visit, excursions on foot or by bike, food and wine delicacies to enjoy, and activities of all kinds. However, the real attraction, the reason why millions of tourists every year travel to our shores from Italy and Europe remains our beautiful lake. Here are the best beaches in Northern Lake Garda, from Riva to Torbole, Limone and Malcesine. 

Sabbioni beach 

A few minutes from the centre of Riva, Sabbioni beach is the largest in all of Northern Lake Garda. You can get there on foot or by bike, along the cycle/pedestrian path that connects Riva to Torbole, or by car, using one of many car parks available in the area. The beach is equipped with a bar, toilets and showers. There is also a playground, basketball and beach volleyball courts, an area with trampolines and a large floating platform from where you can jump into the blue waters of the lake. 

Pini or Purfina beach  

A short distance from Sabbioni, you can find Pini beach, also known as Purfina. It is a little smaller than the previous one and perhaps, for this reason, it is a local favourite. It can be reached on foot or by bicycle, or by car taking the road that descends from the Flora ice cream parlour towards the lake. There you can find everything you need make your day at the lake more enjoyable, including games for the little ones, a restaurant and sunbed rental. Do you want to enjoy a refreshing drink? Take a short walk to our MYLAGO - GARDAACTIVE HOTEL, we will amaze you! 

Punta Lido 

This small beach, located at the confluence of the Albola and Varone streams, is the closest to the historic centre of Riva del Garda. To get there, just walk along the lakefront to the Lido Palace hotel, or continue down Via Friedrich Nietzsche. It is quiet and secluded, but there is little space available and it may not be easy to find a place to lay down your towel. 

Baia Azzurra 

This is the first beach in the municipality of Torbole that you’ll see after arriving from Riva del Garda. It is wide and sunny, and located right next to Mount Brione. The most convenient way to reach it is leaving your car in Porto San Nicolò, and then taking the cycle/pedestrian path to the Bellavista campsite. There, you can lay down your towel, and enjoy the most beautiful view of the whole lake. 

Foci del Sarca 

Continuing towards Torbole, you’ll see the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sarca river. There, just beyond the bridge, where the river waters flow into the placid lake, there is a grassy beach, much appreciated by windsurfers and sportspeople. The beach is large and breezy, suitable even for the hottest days. There is no shortage of services, with bars, restaurants and a sailing club. 

Sega beach 

After passing Lido Blu, Al Cor and Villa Cian beaches, you’ll find the larger Sega beach, very close to the centre of Torbole and very convenient to reach by car. This is also fully equipped, with bars and restaurants nearby. 

Conca d'oro 

After having crossed the town of Torbole and taken the eastern Gardesana, you’ll reach the brand new Conca d’oro. Built in early 2019, the new beach looks like a terrace overlooking the water. The surface is covered with pebbles and vegetation, perfect to lie down and sunbathe. 

Beaches in Limone and Malcesine 

So far we have only told you about the beaches in Garda Trentino, the closest to Astoria Park Hotel Spa. However, there are many other beaches on the lake where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t miss the beaches of Limone, a charming town on the Brescia side of the lake famous for its lemon groves, and those of Malcesine, with its Scaliger castle dominating the Veronese shore. Different perspectives of the lake, for an experience that will be hard to forget. 

To reach the nearby beaches ask at reception: the easiest way to get there is by city bike, completely free for those staying with us.If you want to swap the blue of the beaches with the green of the grass, take a seat in the PARCO DI ASTORIA RESORT, jump into the pool, or have a drink at the Pool Bar. This is also a holiday!