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3 Easy Treks around Lake Garda 3 Easy Treks around Lake Garda

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3 Easy Treks around Lake Garda

The Lake Garda area is the ideal place for trekking and excursions.

3 Easy Treks around Lake Garda

The Lake Garda area is the ideal place for trekking and excursions, with moraine hills to the south and the high mountains surrounding it to the north. The range of routes available is really wide, with challenging as well as simple itineraries, some of which can be tackled with young children or even with strollers.

This is what we would like to focus on today, sharing with you 3 walks perfect for (almost) everyone, starting from RIVA DEL GARDA.

1 - Mount Brione

Mount Brione dominates Garda Trentino, standing in the middle of the so-called ‘Busa’, like a large vein rising from the earth. A hike along its paths is interesting for at least 3 reasons. First of all, for the exceptional landscapes that can be enjoyed, with views sweeping across the whole of Upper Garda down to the southern tip of the lake. On top of that, Mount Brione is also very interesting from a naturalistic point of view, with typically Mediterranean vegetation; finally, Monte Brione is also interesting for history lovers, because it hosts several fortifications from the First World War. The Garda and Batteria di Mezzo Forts are worth mentioning, built by the Austro-Hungarian army to guard the lake and access to the Loppio valley.

Directions: the ascent to Monte Brione begins at Forte San Nicolò, in the municipality of Riva del Garda. It takes about 2 hours to get to the top, for a total distance of 2,000 meters and 290 meters altitude difference. The route is simple and well protected, also suitable for children accompanied by adults. Steep sections with steps make it difficult to access with strollers. In this case, we recommend carrying your child in a trekking backpack.

2 - Busatte Path

If you want to experience the thrill of walking overlooking the water of Lake Garda, the Busatte Path is the one for you. This itinerary connects Busatte park to the hamlet of Tempesta, both in the municipality of Torbole. The route is loop-shaped, and will therefore allow you to return to the starting point without retracing your steps. This hike is special as it includes long stretches on walkways and stairs running along the rock walls, like balconies over the lake. However, be ready to climb and descend many steps - the ‘Salt della Cavra’ staircase has 116 steps, the ‘Corno de Bò’ has 238, and the ‘Val Calcarole’ 33. For the return trip, you can follow a dirt road a little more inland, suitable also for strollers.

Directions: the trek starts from Busatte, in the municipality of Torbole, and arrives at Tempesta. The total length is 5,000 meters, with 230 meters altitude difference, taking about 3 hours. The metal walkways overlooking the lake also include long flights of stairs, making it unsuitable for strollers.

3 - Punta Larici

Punta Larici is by far one of the most scenic places on the entire lake. When you get there, you can let your gaze travel from the far north, with the towns of Riva del Garda and Torbole, to the south, where the lake starts to get wider. The trip starts from Pregasina, a small village near Riva del Garda on a slope suspended over the lake. The path is easy, but it does require some physical fitness – however, it should also be noted that almost the entire route is shaded, and therefore it can be covered even in the hottest months. The bravest can then choose to head back to Riva down the Ponale path, but in this case the difficulty of the hike increases!

Directions: the itinerary starts from Pregasina, in the municipality of Riva del Garda. It takes about 4 hours to reach Punta Larici and return to the departure point. The distance to cover is 8,500 meters, with 470 meters altitude difference.

Photo Credits: Garda Trentino S.p.a.